The Yukon Development Corporation Act mandates the Yukon Development Corporation to:

  • promote the development of Yukon resources on an economic and efficient basis;
  • promote employment and business opportunities for Yukon residents;
  • assure a continuing and adequate supply of energy in a manner consistent with sustainable development; and
  • carry out development policy directives issued to it by Yukon cabinet.

Order-in-Council 1993/107 restricted the Corporation’s role to energy-related activities designed to promote the economic development of Yukon.

Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act

YDC provides information to the public on a wide variety of topics related to the Corporation. An official request under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP) for information which is routinely released to the public is not required.

If you are looking for information and can’t find it on our website, please contact us at 867-456-3995 or send an email request to ydc-admin@gov.yk.ca. Your information request will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member who will let you know whether the information is readily available or if you need to submit an ATIPP request.


Submitting an ATIPP Request

All ATIPP requests must be submitted to the Yukon Government ATIPP Office. If you need to submit an ATIPP request, please refer to the ATIPP Office website for contact information, forms and instructions.